FootGolf Malaysia

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FootGolf is an exciting and fast growing sport that’s been in Malaysia since 2018. FootGolf Malaysia is the official governing body for the sport locally. 

MicroLeap proudly sponsors the National Footgolf Team

We’d like to wish our National Team the best of luck as they represent Malaysia at the FIFG FootGolf World Cup in Orlando. And the team would like to thank all of their sponsors that have stepped up and made it all possible.

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FootGolf is the combination of two popular sports, Football and Golf.​

The rules for the most part, though simplified, generally follow the rules of golf.  The course layouts and playing strategies are also similar to those found in golf.​

FootGolf Malaysia are the governing body for the sport in Malaysia and the exclusive member of the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG).​

The game of FootGolf is rapidly expanding across the globe with courses in over 36 countries and an estimated 250,000 players world wide.


The aim of the game is to drive the ball from the tee box, to the hole in the least amount of kicks.

On the course you’ll find Holes with different challenges and different lengths, with Par 3, Par 4 and Par 5 holes.  A par is the average number of kicks that an expert FootGolfer should require to complete a hole.


Great time with friends. Recommended for all regardless of background and skill level
Shahariz Adzib
Lovely need to like it to enjoy it. Once you enjoy it, you will get hooked on it. 😁
Tang Yuen Kin