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FootGolf Rules: Marking your ball

As with any sport, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned player, it’s always good to brush up on your rules.

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You wouldn’t want to cause any hassle out on the course, or worse, get disqualified during a tournament. So here’s a guide on how to mark your ball correctly, and in accordance with FIFG rules.

In FootGolf, as in Golf, you must play the ball where it lies, and the farthest from the hole goes first. This at times causes a bit of traffic on the course, and your ball might end up obstructing another player’s shot. 

When this happens, you have the right to place a marker and lift the ball without penalty. The marker must be a cylindrical flat object, no larger than 60mm, such as a coin, or official ball marker. Once the shot has been played, you must place your ball back in its original position.

Placing the marker behind the ball in line with the hole.

However, if your marker causes an obstruction, you can move it left or right using your foot as a guideline for distance, and using an object, such as a tree, to point your foot towards. After the player has played their shot, you can place your marker back using the same guidelines as above.

Placing a marker when the marker is obstructing play.

There you have it. Your guide on how to mark your ball properly. Remember this next time you’re out on the course. Keep an eye out for future blogs with some more detailed tips and rules. 

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